Bosch acquires Five to accelerate the development of autonomous driving

Autonomous driving it is a sector in which a lot is being invested and on which several companies are working. Bosch is particularly active in this field and to further accelerate the development of this technology, has decided to acquire Fivea startup specializing in autonomous driving solutions.

At the startup’s six UK locations, around 140 employees are busy building self-driving vehicles. The economic details of the agreement have not been disclosed. The transaction is pending approval by the antitrust authorities. Markus Heyna member of the Bosch Board of Management, commented on the acquisition of Five.

Autonomous driving aims to make road traffic safer and less stressful. We want Five to give further impetus to our software development work for safe autonomous driving, with the aim of offering our customers technology made in Europe.

Five will become part of Bosch’s Cross-Domain Computing Solutions business.

Five was born in 2016 and can count on a team of cloud software, security guarantee, robotics and machine learning experts. Over time he has carried on the development of software and solutions based on artificial intelligence for autonomous driving up to Level 4 (here we explain the levels of autonomous driving). Currently, the startup is working on a cloud-based development and testing platform for software used in self-driving cars.

This platform offers engineers all the programs they need to create self-driving software in the shortest time possible. It also allows you to test your software both before and during development in test vehicles. It can also be used to analyze real-world data from a fleet of test vehicles, create a variety of test scenarios, and create a simulation environment that allows for rapid evaluation and validation of system behavior.

Recently, Bosch had made another strategic acquisition in the field of autonomous driving, getting its hands on Atlatec, which specializes in the field of high-resolution digital maps. Thanks to these operations, Bosch will be able to offer its customers all the elements necessary for autonomous driving: from actuators to sensors and maps to software and the development environment.

It is recalled that Bosch is carrying out several projects related to advanced autonomous driving solutions. We cannot fail to mention Automated Valet Parking, the first completely driverless parking function ready for production that has already been tested on several cars.

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