Bill Gates sounds the alarm: “The worst of the pandemic may still have to come”

Finally, after two years of a pandemic that forced us to change our lifestyle, we are slowly returning to normal. Almost put aside from May 1st both the Green Pass and the masks in most of the contexts, the hope is that we can definitively return to our life before 2020.

But the fear that the situation could change again is always there, it lingers within us, we have already had proof of this in the past. But it must be said that in recent years we have nevertheless learned a lot and we have also carried out an important vaccination campaign that is allowing us to keep the situation fairly under control.

However, by making the debts avert, some say that “the worst is yet to come”what’s up a risk “higher than five percent” to see a pandemic generated by a more transmissive and “even more fatal” variant of the virus. To make these reassuring statements was Bill Gates, billionaire founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, who reiterated his hypotheses in an interview with the Financial Times.

Gates, who had already stated in a TED Talk in 2015 that the world was “not ready” for a pandemic, however, said he was optimistic that COVID-19 could still be “the last pandemic” for humanity. It would not be a probable scenario but the risk of something worse is there and it would be necessary to create a task force to monitor all global health emergencies as the WHO (the World Health Organization) currently has “less than 10 full-time people” committed to the search for deadly new viruses, a billion dollar investment would be enough to bring together a group of experts and prevent the next pandemic.

Gates’ words come a few days after those of Tedros Adhanom GhebreyesusWHO director-general, according to which people should still continue to protect themselves from the virus despite the fewer restrictions by many countries that are leaving the world at risk of a resurgence of infections.

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