Battlefield 2042, bad news from the front: Season 1 postponed

Leaving this extreme scenario aside, however, on the horizon is the arrival of theto Season 1, particularly awaited because it should be a turning point for the game. The news coming from the front, however, is not good: DICE today in fact issued a statement in which it announces that Season 1, initially scheduled for spring, will instead postpone tosummer.

A delay of about four months on the roadmap that, according to the developers, is necessary to work on the next patches and be able to bring a clean and complete experience at the end. Furthermore, to apologize for the inconvenience, it was announced that those who had purchased the Year 1 Pass with the Gold or the Ultimate Edition will receive a free package in conjunction with the next update.

The improvements in the pipeline concern the points table and the player profile, which will be subject to change, and the arrival of VoIP voice communication on all platforms.

As for Season 1, however, DICE has revealed that four new Specialists will be introduced, new locations for battles and other content. The press release closes with a promise, that is to pay maximum attention to the feedback that the community will forward in these months, with the aim of listening to the players and remedying the problems that currently afflict the title.

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