Bang Bang Baby, Prime Video shares the trailer for the second part

Prime Video recently unveiled a new trailer for the Italian Original series Bang Bang Baby which removes the veil from some of the unreleased scenes that we will see in the last five episodes. The final part of the beloved Italian series will be available starting Thursday 19 May exclusively on Prime Video for all subscribers.

Bang Bang Baby, with Arianna Becheroni, Adriano Giannini, Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano, Lucia Mascino and Giuseppe De Domenico, is a crime drama set in 1986 and tells the story of Alice, a 16-year-old teenager who lives in a small town in Northern Italy. . Her teenage life suddenly changes when she discovers that her father who she thought dead is actually still alive. It is the beginning of her descent into hell, for Alice, who for the love of her father dives into the dangerous world of the underworld, being seduced by the charm of crime. When she tries to get out of it, maybe it will be too late …

Created by Andrea Di Stefano, directed by Michele Alhaique (ep. 1-2-3-4-7-8), Margherita Ferri (ep. 5-6), Giuseppe Bonito (ep. 9-10), with artistic supervision by Michele Alhaique, written by Andrea Di Stefano, Valentina Gaddi and Sebastiano Melloni, Bang Bang Baby is produced by Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment and Wildside, both companies of the Fremantle group.

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