BAFTA Games 2022, PS5 Dual Sense best controller ever

THE BAFTA Games 2022 they will only be held in a couple of weeks but the public has already declared the first official winner: the Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense wins the prize as best controller ever. The single-elimination tournament, held on Twitter using the polls feature, involved sixteen of the most popular controllers ever – traditional like NES, innovative like Nintendo’s WiiMote, and specific like Guitar Hero and the massive Mega Jockey 9000 developed specifically for the Steel Battalion mecha game.

The final was between two Sony controllers, the Dual Sense and the legendary DualShock born with the original PlayStation 1. Microsoft participated with Kinect, immediately eliminated from the Wiimote, and with the Elite Wireless controller, which stopped in the second round precisely because of the DualShock, after eliminating the Dreamcast gamepad. Here is summarized in an image the development of the entire tournament:

We take this opportunity to remember all the nominations of the BAFTA Games 2022. The awards will be held on April 7th.

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