Babylon’s Fall is a half disaster: PlatinumGames asks for help from players

Babylon’s Fallthe RPG from Square Enix and PlatinumGames, which debuted on PS4, PS5 and PC earlier this month, has not met with the hoped-for success disappointing the expectations of critics and audiences.

The launch of the game was therefore a half disaster; not only the technical achievement is at an all-time lowbut it is right there live service formula implemented by Platinum a does not workto the point that in a few days the title was found completely empty and at the bottom of the ranking of the most (less, in this case) played on Steam.

Despite the incredibly worrying situation, the development team has no plans to give up and, through a survey, addresses users directly to take stock of the situation and understand where to start to improve the gaming experience.

By accessing the official Babylon’s Fall website (Link in Source), users can therefore express their opinion on the technical and graphic sector, thus providing valuable feedback to the development team. However, considering that the problems of the title go far beyond the simple technical component, an intervention of this type will hardly be enough to revive the fortunes.

The survey, available in English, will remain active until March 18 and it is very likely that PlatinumGames will subsequently propose others that will cover other aspects of the game.

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