Axie Infinity, according to the FBI, North Korean hackers are the perpetrators of the crypto theft

According to the FBI, the North Korean hackers of the Lazarus Group and APT38 groups were responsible for the $ 620 million theft in cryptocurrencies Ethereum and USDC (cryptocurrency linked to the US dollar) perpetrated last month against the players of Axie Infinity, the popular online video game based on NFT, non-fungible tokens, developed by the Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis that allows you to earn both playing and trading their avatars. The game would have approximately 2.5 million active users every day.

To succeed, the hackers would have infiltrated a part of Ronin, the blockchain behind the game. The developers of Axie Infinity, who also manage the blockchain, said they discovered the breach at the end of last March, after a user was reported that he was no longer able to transfer cryptocurrency from his digital wallet, and that they are currently working with the law enforcement for recover 173,600 ether and USDC 25.5 million.

This hack is so far one of the largest ever seen in the world of cryptocurrencies, slightly surpassing that of last summer made against the decentralized finance platform Poly Network which was stolen 610 million dollars in cryptocurrencies which were returned in two separate moments. , to the legitimate owners.

Lazarus Group hackers would also be responsible forSony Pictures hack in 2014. In that case, confidential data was stolen and disclosed publicly after requesting Sony to withdraw the film The Interviewa satirical comedy centered on a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

According to a 2020 US military report, the North Korean hacking program dates back to at least the mid-1990s. North Korea would currently employ around 6,000 hackers which would be organized into a unit called Bureau 121 and would operate from several countries, including Belarus, China, India, Malaysia and Russia. According to the findings of the blockchain platform Chainalysis, the North Korean hackers they allegedly stole cryptocurrencies worth around $ 400 million via cyberattacks just last year.

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