Autostrade, the new Cashback service with Targa starts

In mid-September 2021, the Cashback service of the motorway toll that allows you to officially started obtain a partial or full refund of the toll for time lost due to the presence of construction sites on the network managed by ASPI (Autostrade per l’Italia). Now, this service evolves and arrives for all the Cashback with Targa.

We remind you that the Cashback of the motorway toll is only valid on the whole network managed by ASPI and was developed from Free To X. It is worth noting that with the arrival of the Cashback with Targa, the new refund table that can be obtained. The new table below can be consulted on the Free To X website. Therefore, starting from yesterday, May 1st, it will be possible to obtain a refund starting from 10 minutes late, compared to the previous 15 minutes.

How does it work the new Cashback with Targa? Users will simply have to register within the Free To X application. Subsequently, they will have to enter their personal data and the vehicle license plate which will be verified through the database of the Civil Motorization, in order to automatically receive the reimbursements accrued due to delays due to maintenance and modernization works on the motorway network.

Once you have registered, the application will notify you of the refunds you are entitled to and therefore you will not need to make any further requests. ASPI highlights that thanks to the recognition of the license plate, the travel receipt will no longer be necessary. However, it is still advisable to collect it at the toll booth to keep it as a back-up in case of any anomaly in the reading of the license plate or if the journey takes place only partially on the ASPI network.

With the arrival of the Cashback with Targa however, the one with Telepass will continue to be available we have already talked about in the past. Finally, we remind you that the Cashback is only valid in the event of delays due to the presence of construction sites on the motorway network which affect the regularity of transits due to the reduction of the lanes originally available.

Delays caused by activities not related to ASPI such as heavy traffic (no reimbursement for summer exodus, for example), accidents, weather events and demonstrations will not be taken into consideration.

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