Autonomous driving, speed record for PoliMove’s Dallara AV-21

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas the self-driving single-seater of the PoliMOVE team (born from the collaboration between the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Alabama) won the Indy Autonomous Challenge, a very special competition with a high level of technology. We remind you that the protagonists of this race are Dallara single-seaters suitably modified with the integration of a hardware and software platform for autonomous driving.

This statement was not enough for the guys of the PoliMOVE team. In fact, they took their car to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral to get the world speed record for a fully autonomous car.

The speed record of ben 309.3 km / h was obtained on April 27 on the Space Shuttle landing strip straight. In fact, the day before the car had already managed to set the new record (the previous one, held by Roborace, was 282.4 km / h). However, the team had decided to further improve their performance. On 27 April, therefore, the single-seater exceeded the 300 km / h mark by far.

It is worth noting that the value of 309.3 km / h was obtained as an average over 1 km of two consecutive attempts in the opposite direction to eliminate the influence of the wind (maximum speed reached 311.9 km / h). But the team of the Politecnico di Milano does not want to stop there. In fact, in a few days it will try to replicate this result within the Atlanta circuiton a real car track and not on a simple straight.

This result is the fruit of the research group of the Polytechnic led by Sergio Savaresi which, as mentioned at the beginning, also allowed us to win the Indy Autonomous Challenge in which the car had already reached a speed of 278.4 km / h. The cars, Dallara AV-21, they were the same for all the stables; the added value was the work of each individual team in developing the autonomous driving platform.

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