Audio Quality distributes Aurea home cinema speakers in Italy

Audio Quality acquired the distribution of the Aurea brandthe home cinema speaker manufacturer founded by Luis Wassman in 2015, thanks to 40 years of experience in the market of professional products for use in cinemas. Aurea, which is part of the Media Center Audiovisual Group, offers a wide range of solutions, all aimed at use at home but with different declinations.

There Neo series, for example, it is designed for installation in living rooms thanks to the customizable front grilles by choosing one of the 24 available colors. The models Neo 14, Neo 24 And Neo 44 they can be placed on a piece of furniture or on the wall and act as center, right or left front, surround or ceiling channels. Then there is the subwoofer to match, the Neo 10 Sub.

The series Vip Theaters instead it is different from the classic home cinema speaker that we often talk about in our articles. It is a more professional-looking line (while remaining in the home cinema segment) which contains recessed models for both the ceiling and walls, and models to be positioned behind sound-transparent screens.

All the aforementioned types are obviously optimized to facilitate installation, such as the Aurea Coaxial 6 And Aurea Coaxial 8, both equipped with a bracket for fixing to the ceiling which is also useful for adjusting the inclination. The range is completed by the Aurea Kino Class D amplifiers.

For an overview of prices and products, please refer to Audio Quality site.

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