Audi charging hub will open a new charging station in Zurich this summer

The Audi pilot project to create stations for fast charging of electric cars continues to move forward. In December 2021, the house with the 4 rings had inaugurated its first “Audi charging hub”, a structure located in Nuremberg and built in a special way. In addition to having ultrafast charging points with powers up to 320 kWthis station also offers lounge area where people can relax while charging their cars. A structure, however, not exclusive to Audi customers only but also open to cars from other manufacturers.

Apparently, this summer a second Audi charging hub will be opened. To report it, Markus Duesmann, CEO Audi. The new station, according to what was told, will be built in Zurich. Duesmann did not disclose further details on this second infrastructure. Therefore, we do not know exactly where it will be located in Zurich. However, according to Automobilwoche, the new Audi charging hub will be a little different from the one in Nuremberg. Apparently, it will be equipped with 4 charging points of 320 kW (6 in Nuremberg). Also, it appears there will be no lounge area.

The Zurich site will not be the last of this project that Audi is carrying out. Duesmann, without going into particular details, made it known how he is doing very well. For this there are several new features coming. We will see how this project will evolve. Audi aims to simplify the charging of electric cars which, as we know, is important in order to push the spread of these vehicles. With its first Audi charging hub, it aimed to offer a fast charging station to allow customers to to be able to easily supply energy even if they don’t have a charging point at home.

Apparently, everything is going according to plan. All that remains is to wait for further news to understand how this infrastructure will grow. Finally, please note that the format of this project also includes the use of storage systems and solar panels to power the facility. All this to make it possible to broadcast these stations regardless of the scope of the local network.

Stations that I also have support for Plug & Charge technology. Compatible cars can charge even easier. In fact, just plug the cable into the car socket and the energy supply will start automatically without the need to use apps or cards.

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