Arizona is the first US state to support driver’s license and documents on Wallet

Arizona is the first state in the US to support the insertion of a driver’s license and ID card in the Wallet app on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Initially, the documents may be used at certain Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checks both at Phoenix-Sky Harbor International Airport as well as at other TSA checkpoints in other states. Arizona, according to Apple, will soon be joined by Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio and Puerto Rico. In the future it will be the turn of Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah.

The feature is available on iPhone 8 and later with iOS 15.4, released last week, and on Apple Watch Series 4 or later with watchOS 8.4 or later.

Driver’s license and state ID in Wallet, says Apple, take full advantage of the privacy and security built into the iPhone and Apple Watch, and offer benefits that a physical ID card can’t match. sending only the information necessary for the interaction. The user also has the opportunity to review and authorize the information requested before it is shared.

To use this feature, simply touch the identity reader with your iPhone or Apple Watch. Only after giving authorization via Face ID or Touch ID, such as for a payment, will identity information be released from the device without the need to unlock, show or hand over the device to security officers.

To add a Wallet document the procedure is similar to that of a credit card: just tap the + button at the top of the screen in Wallet, scan the document with the camera and take a photo for authentication.

As an additional safety step, you will also be required to complete a series of face and head movements. All identity data is encrypted, protected and support the ISO 18013-5 mDL standard. According to Apple, each state is responsible for verifying and approving user requests.

At the moment there is no information regarding the possibility of the arrival of this feature also in countries outside the United States.

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