Apple’s component crisis weighed on iPad sales but is improving

The fiscal second quarter of 2022 was certainly one of Apple’s best in its history, even the Wall Street Journal he wanted to underline it. With a turnover of 97 billion dollarsi, quarter after quarter, Apple is continuing its double-digit growth that began with the launch of the iPhone 12.

The slow but steady resolution of supply chain issues has certainly helped the Cupertino company grow its revenue this quarter and, as Tim Cook stated in the earnings call following the release of the quarterly figures, the situation was much better than in the previous quarter.

The problems, however, would not be over yet. According to the CEO of Apple, in fact, for the third quarter the difficulties in supplying components it will have an impact of 4/8 billion dollars.

Apple has managed to grow revenue year-over-year across all product types except iPad whose results were hampered by very significant supply constraints. For months, in fact, it was not easy to find iPads available immediately, both online and in physical stores, eland shipping took nearly a couple of months. The situation has now improved.

Other external factors also impacted sales further, including the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine which led to the interruption of sales in these countries. The worsening of the pandemic in China would not have particularly affected production.

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