Apple will no longer repair iPhones reported as lost or stolen

Apple has decided to further strengthen the measures aimed at prevent lost or stolen iPhones from being repaired at Apple Stores or an authorized service center. Efforts justified given that iPhones are among the most coveted devices and millions of dollars can be accumulated by reselling stolen pieces, as the news has shown in the past.

According to what emerged from an internal document of the Cupertino house, viewed by the colleagues of MacRumorsfrom now on if the iPhone was reported in the GSMA device registry, the technicians will refuse to repair it. This log allows device owners to indicate that the product has been lost, stolen or fraudulent. From that moment on, the IMEI of the smartphone is associated with one of these statuses which can be easily verified by anyone with access to the register (including law enforcement).

New smartphone information from the GSMA device registry will be notified to technicians via the MobileGenius or GSX systems used to provide support.


It should be noted that the new rule is added to the existing ones which prevent an iPhone from being repaired when the person requesting it is unable to prove that they are the rightful owner. More in detail:

  • Technicians cannot remove the activation lock if the customer does not provide proof that they have purchased it
  • Apple does not repair the iPhone if the user has turned on “Lost Mode”

With the further modification of the rules on repairs of devices of dubious origin, Apple therefore also wants to cover the hypothesis in which, after the theft or loss of the iPhone, the user has not activated the “Lost Mode” via “Find my iPhone “on

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