Apple Watch Series 6 with black screen? The repair program arrives

If you are part of what Cupertino calls a “small percentage“of users having a specific problem with the Apple Watch Series 6or lo permanently black screen (not a small thing), there is good news. In fact, Apple has officially recognized the existence of the malfunction and has just launched a assistance program dedicated specifically to this problemwhich according to reports from the company itself could be of interest some 40mm case devices manufactured between April and September 2021.

To check your device’s eligibility for the repair program, just go to the dedicated section of the Apple website (you can reach it by following the link in SOURCE) and enter the Apple Watch serial. To view the serial of your watch you can use the iPhone by opening the Watch app, selecting the Apple Watch item and from here the “General” option and finally the “Info” option.

Once you are satisfied that your Apple Watch Series 6 is eligible for the program, you can choose whether to contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider for free assistance or to make an appointment at an Apple Store, depending on your convenience.

There repair (on the site we speak of this, and not of replacement) will be at this point freeand nevertheless for it to be carried out in these terms it is necessary that the device does not present other damages that could compromise the provision of the service, forcing the assistance to carry out other repairs, which in the event will be charged to the customer.

Finally, note that Apple may limit repairs to the country or business region where the product was purchased, and that this program (valid globally) does not extend the warranty coverage of affected Apple Watch Series 6 units. However, as this is valid for two years from sale, all watches affected by the problem (and distributed in 2021) meet the requirements.

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