Apple updates Boot Camp: support for the new Studio Display arrives

Apple has released an update for Boot Camp adding support to its new Studio Display launched last week. Between other new features in this version, 6.1.17, there are also new drivers for AMD and Intel GPUs. To install this update, you need to launch the Apple Software Update app via the Windows Start menu.

Despite this update, several features of the Studio Display, including Center Stage, True Tone and Spatial Audio, will not be available as well as any features that require firmware updates. The webcam, speakers and USB-C ports, on the other hand, will continue to function as they would if the Studio Display were connected directly to a Windows-based computer.

Macs based on M1 processors do not officially support Windows, and there is no specific version of Boot Camp that allows it to run. Only solution is to run in a virtual machine. This update, therefore, will only be useful to those few users who have purchased Apple’s monitor but still have a Mac with Intel and use Boot Camp to run Windows.

Studio Display goes on sale March 18 with a price starting from 1,799 euros. The 27 “display can go up to 2,509 euros by adding the Nanotexture anti-reflective treatment and the stand that also allows you to adjust the height.

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