Apple TV +, exclusive agreement with Tom Hanks and his Playtone

Apple TV Plus announced that it has scored a new exclusive agreementthis time with Playtone, the production company of Tom Hanks. Apple simply said the deal will be multi-year and will cover series, documentaries and other content without a script; real films therefore seem to be excluded.

Hanks and Apple have already teamed up: the Cupertino-based company ultimately released one of its most recent films, Greyhound, which did extremely well (it’s one of the most watched films on the entire platform, and a sequel is now in development). and produced and distributed Finch, itself a huge success with the public. It will also be released shortly (a precise date has not yet been communicated) Masters of the Air, TV series set as a Greyhound during World War II and co-produced with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television.

Masters of the Air will tell the story of the Eight Air Force, which in those years essentially conducted the bombing operations of the Nazi forces and brought the war to Hitler’s home. The heroic deeds of the division in those years, made up mostly of very young pilots, earned it the nickname of The Mighty Eight and the status of a war legend. The cast of the series is extremely large, and as it is easy to guess it is mainly made up of young actors. Tom Hanks shouldn’t be included, limiting himself to the role of executive producer. Masters of the Air is also the sequel to two series produced by Playtone and Amblin: Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Playtone was founded in 1998 by Hanks and producer Gary Goetzman. His first project to see the light was the very famous Cast away, which received two Oscar nominations (including Best Actor), one at the BAFTAs, four at the (then relevant) MTV Movie Awards and one at the SAG Awards. He also won a Golden Globe (best actor) and a Critics’ Choice Award (to Wilson, for best inanimate object). On television, Playtone has already amassed 6 Emmys, 4 Golden Globes and 5 Peabody Awards.

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