Apple, suppliers begin preparing for the first OLED iPad expected in 2024

BOE will build a production line of OLED panels Gen 8.6 that will probably come used by Apple for future iPads and MacBooks, entering into direct competition with Samsung Display and LG Display. As reported by the Korean newspaper The ElecBOE is expected to complete the work towards the end of 2024.

Both Samsung and LG are expected to use their Gen 8.6 production lines to make the OLED panels initially intended for iPads. Subsequently, Gen 8.5 production lines should be used to make panels for other devices as well. These production lines are capable of producing more OLED panels per substrate than Gen 8.6 lines, making it more cost effective.

According to The Elec, BOE is also testing dual-layer OLED technology that can offer greater brightness and longevity, making them more suitable for devices such as iPads and MacBooks as they are often used for an extended period of time compared to smartphones.

Apple plans to launch the first iPads with OLED displays in 2024. For 2025, however, depending on how successful these iPads will be, the first MacBook with OLED displays should also arrive. According to rumors circulated in recent weeks, Apple would have ordered about 10 million OLED panels from BOE to be delivered during the first half of the year. This would be the first order of OLED panels after the rejections of previous years.

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