Apple Music, Apple’s turnaround on changing the playback speed

With iOS 15.5, the ability to alter the playback speed on Apple Music should return, a feature that is not available on the official client but is offered by various alternative players thanks to a special API. For unknown reasons, Apple has decided to withdraw this API with the release of iOS 15.4, however without warning, creating frustration among developers and, in turn, users of apps like Perfect Tempo, which are also quite popular.

It is quite rare for Apple to retrace its steps – so quickly at that, but it looks like this will be one of those occasions. This was confirmed by one of the developers working on the Apple music streaming service, with a short but concise post in the developer forum thread discussing the matter. The message is as follows:

We reevaluated our previous decision to disable the ability to change the playback speed for subscription content from Apple Music in third-party applications, and came to the conclusion that we could safely enable the feature again, just like before release. of iOS 15.4.

As a result, the matter has been fixed in iOS 15.5 Beta 4.

The post is the only one published by Apple on the subject, and is therefore both the one in which Apple admits the existence of the problem and the one in which it communicates its resolution. The few words spent by developer Joe Kun on the subject suggest that Apple had decided to disable the feature for security issues, but without further details we can only theorize. In any case, iOS 15.4 Beta 4 has been available for a couple of days, if you urgently need to fix it (we can imagine at least some musicians in a bit of a crisis right now). For the stable release we will have to wait a few more weeks, probably – but not too long.

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