Apple, beta 3 of iOS and iPadOS 15.5, macOS 12.4, watchOS 8.6 and tvOS 15.5

As usual, all beta releases they can be installed in OTA modedirectly through the appropriate menu in the system settings of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, after having previously downloaded and installed the profiles available on the Apple Developer Center and on the site dedicated to public beta testers.

For installation on iPhone and iPad it is necessary to have at least 20% of residual charge or better still to keep the device connected to the mains during the update. It is also possible to update under the 5G network if the functionality has been activated in the settings.

For watchOS the app on the connected iPhone must be used and Apple Watch must have at least 50% autonomy and be within range of the iPhone‌ it is associated with. To install the beta on tvOS you need to download the profile ‌‌ using Xcode. Before updating It is always advisable to perform a system backup.

Unlike previous releases, iOS and iPadOS 15.5, macOS Monterey 12.4, watchOS 8.6 And tvOS 15.5 they mostly focus on bug fixes in addition to the usual performance improvements.

In the iOS 15.5 beta 2 code, however, some clues were found regarding the possible arrival of the support for Bancomat (PagoBancomat) and Bancontact circuits regarding Apple Pay. The Cupertino company is therefore working with both networks, the first Italian and the second Belgian, to make them compatible with its digital payment system. Also from the iOS 15.5 beta 2 code came evidence of the possible name change for iTunes Passthe rechargeable Apple card shown in the Wallet that allows you to make purchases in the Apple Stores, on the App Store and to purchase subscriptions, in the “Apple Account Card”.

iOS, iPadOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3, we recall, have added several features. These include Universal Control, which allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple devices at a time when you are logged into your iCloud account, the ability to use Face ID with a protective mask on iPhone 12 and above, even without having an Apple Watch for authentication, the ability to enter the Green Pass in the Wallet and Emoji support 14. In total there are 112 characters including 37 new emojis and 75 with new skin tones.

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