Apple, back to normal: US employees return to the office

As planned, Apple employees in the United States have returned to work face-to-face in their offices, decreeing that “return to normal” so desired by Tim Cook in recent months. Employees at Apple Park and Infinite Loop’s historic offices had a deadline of April 11 for return in attendance. The recovery will in any case be progressive: initially it will be necessary work from the office at least one day a week, then two. From 23 May you will have to return to the office at least on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Apple was certainly among the companies that was most exposed in wanting to return as soon as possible to a face-to-face job and already since last June had started planning the return which has been repeatedly postponed due to the increase in cases of contagion from COVID-19.

In December last year, after yet another postponement, Apple had decided to postpone everything indefinitely, confirming to notify employees at least a month in advance in case of a change in the situation. This change then took place last March with a marked decrease in infections and the consequent relaxation of the policies of social distancing and the use of masks in the United States.


Although many tech companies have offered the possibility of working permanently from home to some employees, Apple has always supported the importance of working face-to-face, although it has also made a promotional video, “Escape From the Office”, in which he emphasized the possibilities offered by remote working and how to make the most of using his products. This video was the basis of internal discussions among many employees who felt in a sense cheated: “Apple knows that corporate employees can work from the comfort of their homes using its products. So why can’t its employees?” .

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