Apple, 5 billion European class action on the App Store: how to join (it’s easy)

You have purchased an application for iPhone or iPad, or just made an in-app purchase? Then you suffered damage. Apple restricts consumers’ freedom of choice and enforces excessive and monopolistic prices “. Thus opens the chapter “What is Apple doing wrong” of the Consumer Competition Claims, a Dutch foundation that intends to initiate a European class action against Apple in the wake of what is still happening in the same country, in the Netherlands, where the Apple received this week yet another 5 million euro fine (the total , so far, makes 50 million) for App Store fees.


If on the one hand, therefore, the Netherlands has so far proceeded at the hands of the ACM, the local antitrust, which sanctions Apple for non-compliance with the developers of dating apps, now consumers are speaking out. And the problems for Cupertino multiply, because the legal proceedings of the Consumer Competition Claims aims to obtain compensation of 5 billion euros not only in favor of Dutch consumers, but of the European users to whom the association is turning to complete the first step of a roadmap that will lead Apple to court.

Apple’s behavior – it reads – is illegal. Consumers are the ones who pay for Apple’s monopoly behavior, because developers are forced to recover from the pockets of users the fees applied, usually of 30%. As a consumer, you pay too much. Too much for every paid app you download. Too much for all in-app purchases. And too much for the subscriptions you get through the Apple App Store.

Consumer Competition Claims claims to have contacted Apple to resolve the matter without going through the court, but – he says – the friendly proposal had no effect. For which we will proceed through the legal process:

[Depositeremo] a class action lawsuit in the Netherlands, in which we will represent the interests of all European consumers who have purchased an app or made an app purchase via the App Store from 1st September 2009 onwards. In order for us to proceed as well as possible it is important that consumers join the class action. The more consumers join, the more pressure we can put on Apple to stop this malpractice.


As said therefore, any European citizen can join to the cause in which compensation is sought from the court. To do this, just visit the link in SOURCE making sure that:

  • you own or have owned an iPhone or iPad;
  • from 1 September 2009 you have purchased an app or made an in app purchase – non-Apple app;
  • you are resident in a state of the European Union.

The action is assisted by the leading law firm Scott + Scott specializing in class action, and by the economic consultancy firm Brattle Group, which will have the task of quantifying the damage suffered by consumers.

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