Anonymous attacks Nestlé for Russia, the company: “we hacked ourselves”

Hacker attacks are the order of the day – see today’s one against Trenitalia – and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has certainly not helped to mitigate the phenomenon. To take sides immediately alongside the Ukrainian people in a war that is also fought with cyber weapons was Anonymous. The hacker collective declared its cyber-war on the Moscow government, first by targeting the media, then the television networks. But theAnonymous offensive levels up and also hits a multinational which, unlike others, has decided to continue operating in Russia – albeit partially – despite the conflict.

It is the case of Nestle, the global food giant guilty of not leaving Russia after the 48-hour ultimatum given to it by Anonymous. As a consequence the hacker group He says to have released 10GB of data containing e-mails, passwords and other information about Nestlé’s customers – a sample of data from over 50,000 corporate customers. “Says”, yes, because apparently things wouldn’t be like that.


Nestle for its part has already answered the appeals to leave Russia – including that of President Zelensky himself – stressing that it has significantly reduced its activity in the country. According to the statements of the leaders of the multinational, at the moment Nestlé:

  • stopped imports and exports to Russia, except for essential products
  • suspended advertising investments in Russia
  • it is not profiting from ongoing activities in Russia

The declared purpose of staying in the country is therefore to provide the population with basic necessities, and the company claims a downsizing of the presence already implemented. Nestlé’s corporate structure in the country includes over 7,000 employees and 6 active factories. Nestlé derives around 2% of its turnover from Russia. Regardless of the reasons, Anonymous has decided to do justice to itself as always with the means that are most suited to him and with a marked extremization of the alignments: either against Russia or with Russia, and in the latter case a potential victim of cyber attacks.



Not at all Anonymous, it was we who disseminated the data of our customers. This is as incredible as it is curious response from Nestlé released after the case of the attack went around the world. “This recent claim of a cyber attack against Nestlé and subsequent data leak is unfounded“said a company spokesperson.

Perhaps the hack of Anonymous was better, because apparently the dissemination of the data would derive from a mistake made by Nestlé itself in February. These are some data (partly public, partly not) that have been published unintentionally for a short period of time (a few weeks, ed).

So Anonymous has nothing to do with this attack? Apparently not, also because it seems that the self-escaped data is not 10GB, but just 5.7MB. Meanwhile, Nestlé has announced that it has partially withdrawn from Russia. And Anonymous this partiality he didn’t take it very well (see tweet below).


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