Android, Google says enough to third-party apps that record phone calls

In a few days from the Play Store they could disappear all third-party apps that allow you to record calls: the change was in the air for some time, also because the functionality is illegal in several countries, or in any case subject to clauses and limitations (in particular: the interlocutor must be aware that the registration is in progress). For years, Google had withdrawn the official API that allowed you to do this, and with subsequent releases it has worked to block any tricks and workarounds found by the developers (in particular with Android 10 it has directly blocked recording via microphone).

The last resource left to third party developers so far was exploit (clearly improperly) the accessibility API; the “godsend”, however, will end in less than a month, exactly on 11 May. It is important to note that this change only affects third-party apps, not factory pre-installed ones; put it another way, smartphone manufacturers continue to have the ability to integrate call recording into their apps and customizations of the operating system – naturally assuming the burden of making sure that everything is done in compliance with the laws of the various countries involved. It’s worth noting that Google’s phone app itself also offers the functionality.

At the moment it is not perfectly clear what will happen to apps that do not comply with the new provisions. IS It is reasonable to assume that they will be eliminated from the Play Store, but Google has not provided further clarification. These aren’t the only changes the Mountain View developers have decided to make to the Accessibility API, but it is arguably the most significant for a large number of users. For the rest there are simply other cases of “not using this API for purposes clearly other than helping people with disabilities”, which is why it exists.

In the video embedded above you can watch the complete replay of the announcement webinar, if you are a developer interested in the matter, alternatively following the link SOURCE you can read a written summary. Google has taken care of updating other developer rules as wellin particular relating to advertising, children’s apps and misleading statements.

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