Android Auto, version 7.6 in distribution | APK Download

Android Auto 7.6 is in distribution; in fact it has been for a few days, but it seems that in the last few hours Google has decided to speed up the process considerably, probably after having ascertained thanks to the first testers that the build did not contain bugs or other serious problems. At the moment, an official changelog has not been published, which suggests that the news is relatively scarce. The release is likely to simply contain bug fixes and any user experience improvements.

To be precise, there is a changelog, but it’s been the same for a long time now – we even carry it from version 6.x. There are still no traces, therefore, of the profound graphic restyling leaked several months ago and known by the code name of Coolwalk, which should update the app interface to Material You and be much more similar to Apple’s counterpart, CarPlay. We had talked about it extensively at the time:

If you still haven’t received the update and for some reason you can’t wait to install the update (who knows, maybe the current version causes you problems?) You can contact the inevitable APK Mirror, which has two versions – one for Arm64 architecture processors and one for Armeabi architecture processors. Be careful to download the right version for your processor – in most smartphones currently out there it should be Arm64since Armeabi (which stands for Arm Embedded Application Binary Interface) is a generic variant (still 32-bit) designed to maximize compatibility with any device.

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