Android 13 Developer Preview 2: multi-eSIM and more powerful search

The second Developer Preview of Android 13 has arrived in the past few hours, and as usual there are several news not documented by the official changelog or hidden which is worth reporting. Here is a list as complete and concise as possible, which we will update as there are other discoveries:

  • New colors for the dynamic theme. They had already been spotted some time ago, but with this build you can finally try them. Basically the algorithm that generates the color palettes, codenamed Monet, can use different sets of parameters in order to satisfy multiple tastes. You still need to tinker to activate them, but it’s not that hard, just enter the following shell command:

adb shell settings put secure theme_customization_overlay_packages ” ‘{ “android.theme.customization.theme_style “: “XXXXX “}’ ”

Instead of XXXXX, enter the theme you want to enable: the choices are TONAL_SPOT (which is the original / default), VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, SPRITZ, RAINBOW, FRUIT_SALAD. The latter two are perhaps not yet active.

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