Amazon leaves the “fence”: Prime logistics out of the store, couriers tremble

Buy with Prime, the news announced today by Amazon – for the moment only in the USA – risks generating a real earthquake in online sales, especially among couriers. The Bezos giant essentially goes beyond the confines of the store we all know to embrace online sales, all of them: any company with an online shopfrom the largest to the neighborhood shop, will be able to rely on Prime’s well-established logisticswith all the resulting advantages.


Summarizing them is not easy. First: to have an ascendancy towards the huge pool of Prime customers, enticed by the possibility of buying products from the online stores of any company that decides to knock on Amazon’s door, obtaining fast and cost-free delivery, an efficient management of returns, as well as that the benefits strictly connected to the use of your orange account, therefore the stored payment methods, any – we assume – Amazon gift vouchers or any credit available on the account, etc., etc. A quick all-round purchase with the security infused by the Amazon logo, present together with the key Buy with Prime in any “third” store that joins.

The traders who will participate [a Buy with Prime] will be able to view the Prime logo and the expected delivery date for eligible products in their online store – writes Amazon in the press release -, will offer customers a simple and convenient payment experience via Amazon Pay and will take advantage of Amazon’s logistics network for the delivery of orders. Amazon will also handle free returns for eligible orders.

Second “macro” advantage: get rid of the management of all the tasks related to the shipment of the productsince we rely on Prime logistics, and after sales, filtered by Amazon and its policies. Third: the reduction of logistics costs. Amazon has a network of sorting centers by now widespread, and it is easy to imagine that it can offer sellers lower shipping costs compared to a scenario like the current one in which several “traditional” couriers divide the pool of sellers (so far) outside the Amazon circuit.


In short, centralizing is worthwhile. Especially to Amazon, who like this it will give a boost to competition allowing even those small numbers that were previously cut off due to the impact on the final price of the delivery cost component on the big stage of online sales, but also has the opportunity to shove the couriers traditional and to all those companies that, on the other hand, refuse the opportunity to Buy with Prime.

It is therefore difficult after this novelty announced by the Bezos steamroller that the Online commerce of tomorrow retains the dynamics and balance of power of today. Buy with Prime however, it will take some time to reach full capacity. Initially it seems that the initiative will be limited to the USA, where they will be able to access the first phase through a invitation system only sellers with their own online shop who already use Amazon Fulfillment.

Merchants can add Buy with Prime to their online store in minutes because their inventory is already stored in Amazon fulfillment centers. Once active, merchants will receive buyer order information, including email addresses, which they can use to provide excellent customer service and build direct relationships with buyers.
The Buy with Prime invitation access system will remain in place throughout 2022, but will also be extended to those who do not already sell on Amazon or do not use Amazon Fulfillment.

Americans who since last February have been able to say they are paying good money at Amazon for Prime could soon see a potentially huge expansion of the pool of virtual stores in which to “collect” the benefits of the subscription, and the smaller stores will have an ally more to grow their business. To pay the consequences instead should be couriers and merchants rebelsas well as those who in 2022 have the “fault” of not having an online store but only a shutter to lift every morning.

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