Amazon Kindle, ePub support finally arrives (more or less)

Who would have thought that in the end Amazon would have (more or less) given: ePub format support is on the way to Kindleswhich is the most widespread among the competition and also the main standard of the IDPF trade consortium (International Digital Publishing Forum). As if to say: MP3s for digital music. Unfortunately, the solution developed by Amazon is far from ideal, but it works, come on; and makes the process of uploading ePubs to Kindle much, much more comfortable than previously known.

For 15 years, since the very first Kindles came out, Amazon has persisted in using its proprietary format .AZWbasically a rebrand of the .MOBI (also supported) developed by the French company Mobipocket acquired in 2005, and various iterations released over the years Those who had obtained digital books in ePub, for example by purchasing them from other platforms, were therefore forced to tinker with conversion software such as Caliber – powerful software, for heaven’s sake, but definitely not very user-friendly.

The problem has become more complicated in recent years because more and more publishers have started selling their digital books directly, deciding not to rely on platforms such as the Kindle Store, thus eliminating an intermediary and trying to maximize profits; an advantage for consumers who can save a little bit – and for authors who have higher commissions – but the price to pay is incompatibility with one of the most famous and popular eReader brands on the market.

Technically, Kindles still don’t support ePubs; However, Amazon has implemented an automatic conversion procedure in its Send to Kindle application / extension. The user provides the software with the ePub, the software automatically converts it to a KF8, which is the latest iteration of the Kindle File Format, and sends it to the ereader associated with the account. You always have to install an app, but at least you eliminate the use of Caliber and the conversion is automatic.

While we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning that Send to Kindle is available as a Chrome extension, PC, Mac, and Android app (unfortunately only through the Amazon Appstore, there is no Google Play), and in case you can also use it via email. If you need it, you will find all the instructions and download links in the dedicated page of the official site.

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