Alfa Romeo Giulia, the next generation will be electric

The next generation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia? It will be electric. This is what the CEO of the Italian brand said, Jean-Philippe Learned, in an interview with Automotive News Europe. During the interview, Alfa Romeo’s number one once again reiterated his plan to launch a Premium SUV in 2027. A model that will be, as we had already seen, 100% electric.

Learned, however, wanted to highlight that Alfa Romeo will not become a brand of SUVs only. The Giulia will not be abandoned. There will therefore be a new generation that will be electric.

Let’s not abandon the Giulia. There will be a future Giulia and it will be an electric-only model.

What the future electric sedan will look like is still too early to know. However, you can easily think that it will rest on new platforms developed by the Stellantis Group for future new electric cars. However, there will be time to find out more as it will take several years before the new battery-powered Alfa Romeo Giulia debuts.

In any case, before the electric model the restyling of the Giulia will make its debut, which will therefore remain on the market for a few years before the arrival of the new generation that will do without petrol and diesel engines.

The Giulietta, on the other hand, will not have an heir. The confirmation always comes from Jean-Philippe Imparato who explained that the Giulietta was a European model. Alfa Romeo aims to be a global brand and for this reason, in this segment they will focus only on the new Tonale which is a model designed for the global market.

The new SUV is, as we know, of great importance for the car manufacturer’s relaunch strategy. Car that can already be ordered in Italy with prices starting from 39 thousand euros. Jean-Philippe Imparato seems to have very clear ideas on how to bring the Alfa Romeo brand back up. All that remains is to wait and see if this new strategy will give the desired results.

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