AGCM fine GameStop: forced bundles of Playstation 5 under accusation

GameStop returns to the center of media attention even if, this time, there is no mention of a boom on Wall Street but of a fine by the AGCM for conducted “deceptive and aggressive”.

The Competition and Market Authority, reports Federconsumatori, has in fact decided to sanction GameStop with a fine of 750 thousand euros for having disseminated inaccurate and misleading information on the actual availability of products sold online and on their prices as well as on delivery times. Furthermore, the company would have imposed the purchase of ancillary products “in forced combination (bundle)”, both games and controllers that increased the overall cost, as well as the unilateral and discretionary cancellation of orders already placed.

In particular, to have ended up in the crosshairs of Federconsumatori, which had reported the incorrect behavior of GameStop and which started the investigation of the Authority, was the management of the sales of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, very difficult consoles. to buy given the very limited availability in the face of a very high demand

In addition to all this, according to Federconsumatori, many users have also complained of not a few difficulties in contact the after-sales service of the company through call-centers in addition to the possibility of exercise the right of withdrawal and refund.

According to what was stated by the AGCM:

Based on a company email exchange in March 2021, it appears that GameStop has proceeded to accept pre-orders (already paid) for the PS5 console beyond the quantities available.

Federconsumatori has collected the reports of many users who found themselves forced to cancel their orders, often already paid. Orders were also canceled by GameStop itself, initially even unilaterally.

To further worsen the position of the company, underlines the association that deals with consumer protection, there is the period in which all this happened:

“During the outbreak of the pandemic, when, due to the state of emergency due to the spread of Covid-19, it became necessary to adopt containment measures which entailed significant restrictions on the freedom of movement of people and retail business “

Finally, Federconsumatori also reiterates the need to urgently adopt more precise and stringent regulations in the e-commerce sector, to guarantee consumers adequate protection.

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