After the iPhone with USB-C, here is the Galaxy with Lightning: and it’s no joke!

While this is no joke, Ken Pillonel has deliberately chosen April 1st to announce another of his particular “Frankenstein” experiments on smartphones. After having created an iPhone with a Type-C port, which was resold among other things at a decidedly interesting price, for a sort of “level playing field”, Pillonel wanted put a Lightning port on an Android smartphone. And it seems that he has succeeded.

Pillonel would have effectively achieved its goal by integrating Apple’s proprietary connector, both for charging and for data transfer, on a Samsung Galaxy A51. Everything would seem to be fully functional even if, unlike what one might imagine, the process would have been more difficult than in the previous project.

“It was a complex change that made me think differently than usual. Lightning connectors are not” stupid. ” . Everything has to adapt to the new phone, and that was another challenge. “

In a certain sense, his task would have been facilitated by the know-how acquired with the previous realization which allowed him to make fewer mistakes in this new challenge, to be faster, even if a Galaxy with a Lightning port is certainly less. interesting and functional compared to an iPhone with USB-C.

Pillonel’s intentions are not to resell this device, also because it expects that “no one in their right mind is interested in buying it”. Everything would be done “for fun”, a challenge with himself to see if he was actually able to do it. Paraphrasing Dr. Frederick von Frankenstein: “It can be done!”.

Those who want to have more details on this project will be able to see in a few days a detailed video in which Pillonel will show all the steps necessary to integrate the Lightning on the Galaxy A51

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