Abarth 500 electric, here are the first spy photos of the small sports car

On the surface it looks like a normal electric 500. However, looking closely, there is an internal sign that reveals its true nature. We can read, in fact, “332 BEV Abarth M 001“where 332 is the project code, BEV is the indication that it is an electric model, Abarth the manufacturer and 001 probably the prototype number. Therefore, the car in the photos could be the first prototype of the future new electric Abarth .

We know this car should debut in 2023. This means that more information will surely emerge in the coming months. There will probably be a way to observe it again through further spy photos. It will be interesting to find out what powertrain this car will adopt.

As we know, the current 500 electric, in its flagship version, has a 87 kW (118 HP) electric motor. Abarth will certainly introduce a more performing engine, with power at least similar to that of the endothermic Abarths. The performance, therefore, should improve significantly.

The battery pack should not change, however, which, again in the top version of the electric 500, has a capacity of 42 kWh. This could mean a lower autonomy level than the “standard” version. In addition to the most performing powertrain, certainly Abarth it will modify the chassis and set-up to make the road behavior of the electric 500 much sportier. A dedicated body kit can also be expected to make the car look more aggressive.

We remind you that Abarth wants to involve its community as much as possible. Taking advantage of social networks, he intends to collect a series of feedback to be exploited for the development of his first battery-powered car. All that remains, therefore, is to be patient and await further innovations of the first Abarth electric model.

[Foto spia: Walter Vayr]

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