A next-generation Google Nest Wi-Fi could be in the works

A new Google Nest WiFi router could be in the works: colleagues of 9to5google they found references to a device codenamed “Sirocco” by rummaging through the resources of one of the company’s latest apps. The simple code is enough to frame it in this category of devices: as we know, Google likes to choose coherent themes for its product lines, and in this case we are talking about Mediterranean winds.

Sirocco is of course the English name for the sirocco, the famous hot wind that comes from the Sahara Desert. As proof of this, the codename of the first generation Nest WiFi (the current one) is “Mistral”, or mistral. The secondary mesh satellites instead are simply called “Vento”, written in Italian. There is not much other concrete information in the app code, but it is quite evident that “Sirocco” is treated as a device that has at least something to do with local wireless networks. A new router is the most sensible guess, but ultimately it may not be the right one.

It remains to be seen what the new generation could offer more than the current one. An improvement in network specifications is to be expected, to begin with: Wi-Fi 6E is now a reality and has propelled us into the age of the tri-band network. Google’s current router doesn’t even support standard Wi-Fi 6, which is still dual-band only. AND not even a few more wired ports would hurt: only two for actual routers (but one must be used to connect the modem), not even one for satellites with integrated speakers. And while we’re talking about speakers, it might be interesting to get a little more playback quality and deeper / more versatile integration with Google Assistant.

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